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Leadership Team

Officers 2023-2024

President - Om Gole '24

Vice President - Arhan Menta '26

Secretary - Naisha Patel '24

Treasurer - Anika Saraf '24

Head of Technology - Faraaz Rattani' 26

Officers 2022-2023

President - Siddhartha Rangavajjula '23

Vice President - Tanmai Kalisipudi '23

Secretary - Om Gole '24

Treasurer - Pranav Velleleth '24

Head of Technology - Jean Lavigne du Cadet '23

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"We aim to be the home for TJ students interested in finance"

Since 2005 we have been the premier club for TJ students 

Member Committees

Alongside leadership, TJIC is composed of various committees. All members can join committees which each have their own structure and have their own head. We encourage TJIC members to start their own committees about something in finance they're passionate about. Please reach out to any officer if you are interested in starting a committee.

The following are descriptions of each of the committees that compose TJIC:

Investment Team (Arnav Gupta) offers an enriching opportunity for students to deepen their qualitative and quantitative financial knowledge. From learning valuation and financial modeling skills to other investment topics like trading strategies and alternative investing, the Investment Team is a cornerstone of TJIC's curriculum. As a student-run fund legally cannot exist (as per FCPS), the Investment Team will work to publish Investor Letters consisting of member stock pitches in the fall, winter, and spring.

External Relations and Outreach (Abhi Periyasamy & Arush Hosur) will focus on creating relationships with non-TJ organizations. This committee will be responsible for bringing two high-quality guest speakers throughout the year and setting up one field trip for club members.

Internal Relations and Membership (Rishabh Chhabra) will focus on retaining new members for the club. This committee will be responsible for setting up collaborations with other TJ clubs/organizations. Their main responsibility will be to plan and run TJ events such as Fundraisers, Activities Fair, or J-Day. 

Service Project (Philip Margulies) focuses on creating an investment club service project that will provide underprivileged kids, mainly elementary school level persons, with knowledge about financial literacy, the importance of savings, and to create stock market simulations. This is so students can learn the inner workings of our economy and get basic exposure to finance. 

Thomas Jefferson Business Review (Akshitha Kumar) will provide research opportunities for TJIC members which will be published on this website. Focused on publishing new articles as well as giving members research experience. 

Media Team (Awanith Isslam) records club meeting and posts them on Youtube. The link is posted under the Lectures tab. 

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